Erebor, the kingdom of the dwarves. Erebor is really just a collection of dwarven cities spread throughout the Frostback Mountains. The dwarves of Erebor share the mountains with the dragonborn of Ishtar, and the mountain goliaths of Hammerfist.


  1. Cities:
    1. Orzemire: The great underground mining city located in the north.
    2. Yggdrumand: The great sanctuary of warriors located on the highest peak of the Frostbacks.
    3. Hammerfell The dwarven trading city located on the Northeastern part of Tyfris.
    4. Skyforge The legendary dwarven forge located on the peak of Yggdrumand.
  2. Government:
    1. Erebor is run by king Balin of Orzemire. Balin also has a council of advisors to aid him in the political interests of the dwarves.
      1. Dwarves are the only race to elect their kings.
  3. Defense:
    1. The defenses of Erebor include an army of about 4,000 dwarves. Due to dwarves being master smiths and craftsman, several thousand more constructs could be built in a dire time of war.
      1. Due to the dwarves many neighboring allies, the dragonborn of Ishtar as well as the goliaths of Hammerfist would send aid if any kingdom was in a time of war.


  1. Cities: The dragonborn only have one true city state that rose from the ashes of Arkosia, the rest of the dragonborn race is scattered all over Anasalon.
    1. Ishtar The only true dragonborn city state. It is located on the slope of the mountain known as Dawnbringer. Ishtar was built about one thousand years after the Blood War, it was built as a way to reunite all lost dragonborn.
  2. Government:
    1. The city state of Ishtar is controlled by the dragonborn king by the name of Arjhan Drakerider. His father united the dragonborn of the north to form Ishtar. Ishtar is also controlled by a council of elder dragonborn who advise Arjhan on the political interests of the dragonborn.


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