Hi this is my first real dungeons and dragons 4th edition campaign. This particular campaign, The Sword of the Gods is set in the world of Ferelden. Ferelden is a world where mainly humans, elves and eldadrin (or high elves as they’re called in Ferelden), and dragonborn are split into three main nations on one continent of Anasalon.

Anasalon is one of three major continents that dot the world of Ferelden. Anasalon is considered the “continent of civilization” because it’s the most well explored continent in Ferelden. There are two other continents, Cyrodil and Krynn.

Cyriodil is considered a highly unexplored region, but it is home to six major settlements and a few minor ones. It is highly unexplored but no where near as “wild” as Krynn.

Krynn is home to a few settlements but is largely unexplored (or I guess I should say uninhabited by the peoples of Anasalon). Krynn is considered wild territory. It’s the most unexplored continent with home to only two small exploration settlements. It’s also the main subject to many legends and children’s stories. Check out the wiki if you have any more questions. (Keep in mind that the history of some races detailed in the players handbook and monster manual have changed. Also keep in mind that the layout of all of the planes have been changed.)

The Sword of The Gods