The following is a list of adjustments the DM has made to the rules for rituals in D&D fourth edition.

  • Ritual Duration:
  1. Ritual casting in D&D fourth edition is very similar to spell casting in D&D 3.5. Certain rituals can be cast in combat but require a full round to cast. Ritual scrolls are the only exception. Certain prepared ritual scrolls may be cast in a single standard action.
    1. The ritual is prepared by spending a short rest reading the scroll or book and studying the ritual. Like said before, only “certain” rituals may be cast in combat. Rituals like tenser’s floating disk, shadow passage, and gentle repose are examples of combat-approved rituals. Rituals like planar portal, raise beast companion, and control weather are examples of non-combat approved encounters.
      1. Comment in the comments section of this campaign if you have any questions about combat-approved rituals.
  • Rituals

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