The Following are a collection of the playable races from the Players Handbook. Every race in all supplements are allowed (with the exception of halfings). Permission must be given from DM in order to make a character with a race that is not in the original Player’s Handbook. Leave us a comment in the comments section if you have a question about a particular race.

  • Humans: The most populous race of Anasalon, they control the Empire of Markarth located in the west of Anasalon. They are also in control of many colonies located on Cyrodil. Many “uncivilized” humans call the Eastern Kingdoms home.
  • Dwarves: The masters of smithing and mining, these strong, bearded people make their home in the kingdom of Erebor found in the Frostback Mountains. Most of their major cities located inside of great mountains.
  • Eladrin: Known in Ferelden as “high elves” they are the race that is the most closely connected with the Feywild more than any other race. Although only their highest members of political authority have ever been to the Feywild, they consider the Realm of Faerie to be their home. They share their kingdom of Silvanesti with their elven cousins.
  • Elves Sometimes called “wood elves”, are known to be some of the best archers in all of Ferelden. They make their home in the forests of Sylvanesti, a kingdom in which they share with their high elf cousins.
  • Dragonborn: Known for their valiance in battle, the dragonborn share the kingdom of Erebor with their dwarven allies but have thier own capitol city of Ishtar. The dragonborn are split into two major warring groups. Those who favor the justice of Akatosh versus those who favor the will of Tiamat. The “Sons of Akatosh” generally make their home in Ishtar while the “Daughters of Tiamat” favor the harshness of the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Tieflings: A dark race which has been the target of hatred and genocide, the Tieflings have no kingdom to call their own. Long ago, Emperor Erik III of Nerath ordered the extermination of these “unholy sons of Melkor” and so it was done. The remnants of the Bael Taerath from the Blood War were killed. The tieflings were hunted nearly to extinction. Some say they would all be dead if the emperor had not been assassinated. Now, hundreds of years later, they thrive as the lowest of the low class with only the slums of Markarth’s cities to call home.
  • Half Elves: The offspring of an elf or high elf with a human. The half elves don’t have a kingdom to call their own, they are almost as unpredictable as their human parents. They can be found all over Anasalon. They often make homes in either Silvanesti or Markarth.
  • Halflings Said to be the decendants of an ancient human and gnome kingdom, the halflings of Ferelden are seen as merchants, tricksters, nomads, and herders. With no real kingdom or empire to call their own, they are very nomadic. The only real halfling settlement is the

The following are other races created by the DM:

  • Azer: The Azer are a race of dwarves that were enslaved by the giants but were unable to escape their


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