Deity Adjustments

The following are adjustments to the deities presented in the Dungeon Master’s guide.

Location: The domains in which several deities rule has been altered. Take Asmodeus and Torog for example, they both rule the Fields of Punishment which is an unfamiliar domain in the dungeon master’s guide. Since the Nine Hells does not exist in my campaign, Asmodeus rules the domain of punishment in the Elemental Chaos. Tiamat also doesn’t rule the Endless Night with Zehir. She now rules a huge cavern swirling with different elements while she attempts to pursue her greed for power. The name of her domain is The Cavern of Elements. Kord still frequents Celestia, but has his own domain called Sovengard, the hall of heroes of valor and strength.

The new deities: Kynereth, Sybunis, Amunet, Thaeros, the archangel Evellion, and the primal deity Nhvalla all posses their own domains. Kynereth roams the world. Sybunis lives in the shadowfell with his mother, The Raven Queen. Amunet lives in the Shom, The White Desert. Thaeros controls the realm of Zyril which worldfalls as an astral domain, or a floating storm palace in Ferelden. Evellion is one of many archangels that control their own astral domain, the reason for him being noted here is for the fact of him being among the most powerful archangels. His realm, Donelius, is a shining marble palace surrounded by a host of angels and heavenly castles where the souls of his just and knightly servants reside. Now Nhvalla is special in where he is the link between the Astral Sea, and the Spirit world. He frequents both Hestavaar and the Spirit World.

Also, Bahamut from the core rulebooks has had his name changed to Akatosh, the Player Characters will find out why as they progress.

Deity Adjustments

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