Celestia, sometimes known as the seven heavens, is one of the most magnificent sights in the cosmos. Celestia resembles a range of seven grand mountains along with crystal lakes, beautiful forests, and the majestic cities of the exalted. It is home to Akatosh, The Platinum Dragon, son of Io. It is also home to Moradin, The All Father, The Master Forger, Father of the Dwarves. It is also frequented by Kord, God of Strength, Might, and Battle.

God of Justice, Nobility, and Honor
Other Names: Skyblade (in humanoid form), The Platinum Dragon, Son of Io.
Patron of Metallic Dragons
Domains: Hope, Justice, Honor
Alignment: Lawful Good
“A lapse in the vigilance of the just is the open doorway of the wicked.”
“The ideals of life’s sacredness and of the institution of justice are the very foundation upon which the whole of civilization rests. Even savages- orcs, gnolls, ogres- bear a tiny seed of it, and that small amount of order and honor separates them from the ultimate depravity of demonhood.”

Description: Akatosh is the god of justice, honor, nobility, and protection. He is the patron of the metallic dragon race and was the patron of Arkosia along with his sister Tiamiat. Bahamut has been fabled to appear in mortal form as a great platinum dragon. He has also been fabled to appear as an old man with canaries swirling around his head along with a knight wearing armor made out of stars. He lives on the highest mountain of Celestia in The Platinum Palace, where he and his dragon courts meet to discuss what new evil needs to be vanquished.

God of Creation, Dwarves, Craftsmanship, and Protection
Other Names: The All Father, The Master Forger, Father of the Dwarves.
Patron of the Dwarf Race
Domains: Creation, Earth, Protection, Smithing
Alignment: Lawful Good
“Inspiration is the force that causes you to create something wonderful before you pass on. All lifeforms feel it to a certain extent. Even a base animal feels a drive to create offspring and a suitable dwelling. The pinnacle of this force, however, is when a person creates that which serves as a lasting monument of tradition and loyalty.”
“Defend the self, to defend the clan, to defend the kingdom, to defend the world.”

Description: Moradin, god of craftsman, creation, protection, and dwarves. He is patron and creator of the dwarf race. During the First Age, it is said that Moradin crafted the first dwarves out of gems and breathed life into them. He is known to almost always appear as a great dwarf usually clad in full battle armor. He is said to live in the great forges underneath the Throne of the World, which has the Platinum Palace (Akatosh’s locale) at the top.


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